Welcome to the Camp Hill Association for Tax Relief web site

The following school board candidates are endorsed by CHATR for the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 5, 2013:

Mark Hoover

Pete Regan 

Sandy Smith (write-in)

Bob Charlton (write-in)

To Join CHATR contact Pete Regan at reganpete@yahoo.com

Our mission statement:

The Camp Hill Association for Tax Relief is a group of Camp Hill residents who believe that we need to restore fiscal sanity to our school district’s approach to spending.

We do not agree with or support the school board’s lack of fiscal restraint.  For example, since 2009:

  • Spending has increased over $4.5 Million dollars 
  • Teacher/Admin. salaries have increased 20%
  • Property taxes have increased over 30% (this is almost 3 times the rate of inflation- for info on this go to www.inflationdata.com)
  • Benefits have increased by over 37% in 2013-14 alone

Going forward for the 2014-15 school year budget we are asking that the school board deliver a budget featuring a 0% discretionary spending increase.

That is, for every increase in discretionary spending, there must be a corresponding decrease, dollar for dollar. Simply put, discretionary spending is defined as any spending that the district is NOT contractually bound to. Again, for every dollar of increased spending in one budget area there must be a dollar of decreased spending in another area.

This dollar for dollar approach is just the way that the residents of Camp Hill handle their finances, and we believe that the school board should do the same with OUR money. 

Further, we believe that our teachers and administrators should be offered a 2 year contract (as opposed to the usual 4) and that they must take a 0% pay increase in year one of a new teacher’s contract.  The contract should not be for more than 2 years.   It is a fiscal fact in Camp Hill that we have sufficient revenue, and that no programs need to be cut.  What we DO have is a spending problem.  

For more info on school board meetings, dates, times, and the 2014-15 proposed budget simply use the links on the right side of the home page.

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